Ancient Trading Mechanism

 Auction Memory Socket
 Auction Connecting Valve
 Auction A.D.D.O.N.S Installer

Source: Dungeons

 Universal Language Compensator
 Universal Language Filter
 Universal Language Repository

Source: Ashran

 Super Cooling Regulator
 Super Cooling Tubing
 Super Cooling Coolant
 Super Cooling Pump

Source: Shadowmoon Valley, Talador, & Nagrand

 Cyclical Power Converter
 Cyclical Power Housing
 Cyclical Power Framing
 Cyclical Power Sequencer

Source: Frostfire Ridge, Gorgrond, & Spires of Arak

 Arcane Crystal Casing
 Arcane Crystal Conduit
 Arcane Crystal Amplifier
 Arcane Crystal Focusing Lens

Source: Highmaul/Invasions

For more details, see Building Your Ancient Trading Mechanism @ WoWHead.


Rejvenation and Spell Calc Notes


  • Tooltip: Heals the target for (228% of Spell power) over 12 sec.
  • Ticks at application and then every 3 seconds thereafter
    • Default: 12 seconds = 1 + 12/3 = 5 ticks
    • Empowered Rejuvenation: + 3 seconds = +1 tick
    • Germination: + 3 seconds = +1 tick
    • At level 100 with these abilities, Rejuv ticks 7 times over 18 seconds
  • Affected by Haste, Versatility, and Mastery (additional mastery when HoT buff is applied)


Healing Touch



Wild Growth

Base Mana Use

~31 minutes to get into; lame.  It’s turning out to be a bit more challenging than I expected to formulate the healing output.  I think I’m missing some of the passive effects that are not in the spell book. In the mean time, it was very simple to tabulate the mana cost of each ability.

Base Mana

At level 100, you have a base mana pool of 32,000, but as most will note, the mana pool cap at that level is 160,000.  This comes from the passive effect called Natural Insight, gained at level 10, which increases your mana pool by 400%.  Shamans and paladins have a similar mechanism.


Spell Base Mana (%) Mana Cost (@100) Modifier Mana Cost (@100)
Rejuvenation 9.45 3024
Regrowth 18.63 5962
Swiftmend 13 4160
Lifebloom 4.5 1440
Healing Touch 13 4160
Wild Growth 37.75 12080
Tranquility 18.4 5888
Wild Mushroom 21.6 6912

Resto Calcs

I’m working on the beginnings of some resto Druid calculations in the form of a spreadsheet and narrative. My goal is to understand the theory that goes into each cast, so that I can plan out the flow of each fight more effectively.

This will not be a simcrafting project as I don’t plan to flesh out whole fights in spreadsheets. That said, I do plan to focus on a few key scenarios such as raid healing and talent effects (e.g. Soul of the Forest vs. Incarnation). In the next few posts I’ll be putting some definitions together that will be critical in explaining resto calculations.

The things that will certainly need to be covered are…

Spell power
Critical hit

I’d like to compare the following for each ability or attribute…

Mana cost
Heal per mana
Heal per mana per tick (HoTs only)
Break points*

* With 6.0 there are now partial ticks so there are no hard break points.

There will need to be a comparison for each ability to see how each point of mastery vs each point of haste affects overall healing. There may be certain cases in which a point of haste is more effective than one of mastery considering GCD and partial ticks (raid healing).

More on this to come later.

Challenge Mode BiS

Slot Item Obtained
Weapon/Off-Hand Dagger of the Sanguine Emeralds
Interloper’s Mossy Skull
Head Hood of Burning Focus
Neck Chain of Soothing Light Y
Shoulder Spaulders of Burning Focus Y
Back Cloak of Arcane Mysteries
Chest Crystalbinder Chestguard Y
Wrists Crystalbinder Wristguards Y
Hands Bloodfeather Grips Y
Waist Bloodfeather Girdle
Legs Crystalbinder Legwraps Y
Feet Spireflame Boots of the Feverflare Y
Ring Ring of Purified Light
Darkflame Loop
Trinket Tovra’s Lightning Repository
Fleshrender’s Meathook

Making Improvements


This needs to be up 100% of the time.  It is free healing due to the HT and RG refreshes; use it on a tank and it should never fall off.  There are some exceptions to the tank usage, mushrooms on Brackenspore for example, but generally that strategy will behoove you.

Clearcast Regrowths

Another big advantage of lifebloom is the clearcast effect which grants a free Regrowth.  Generally this should be used right away on a heavy damage soaking target like a tank; the refresh of the lifebloom is an added bonus.

That said, most of the healing comes from the initial cast, so it can be wise to save the Regrowth for a few seconds depending on the circumstances.  For example, if it will be pure overheal, you’re in a boss transition phase, or you’re just before a damage spike, the Regrowth can go a long way in helping your situation.

Swiftmend + Soul of the Forest

The bonus granted by SotF should typically be used in conjunction with Wild Growth.  WG gets an additional 50% potency, meaning it heals 24,564 HP to each of 5 targets at my current un-buffed gear level; that’s compared to 16,376 without the buff.  At that potency, it’s slightly stronger than 5 rejuvs (23,328 each), but the mana cost is equivalent to 4.  Add the GCD time you save and you’re looking at a nice throughput increase.

Nature’s Vigil

Use this to help heal through heavy raid damage, or when bug damage spikes affect more than one target, but make sure you use it often.  In raid situations, you need to have a rough idea of how the raid’s health pool fluctuates over time.  Plan to use your Nature’s Vigil with maximum uptime while still aligning the cooldown with critical moments.

Tracking Your Spells

Use an addon like WeakAuras or TellMeWhen to track your spells and CDs.  Put notifications in places that you are prone to look when healing so that your awareness of these spells becomes seamless.

Stats Prioritization


Critical Strike


Mastery => Critical Strike

Shadow Priest (up to 100)

Spell Power
Critical Strike

These are basic stats prioritization for the classes I’m currently playing, and all of them warrant some review and tweaking.