Ancient Trading Mechanism

 Auction Memory Socket
 Auction Connecting Valve
 Auction A.D.D.O.N.S Installer

Source: Dungeons

 Universal Language Compensator
 Universal Language Filter
 Universal Language Repository

Source: Ashran

 Super Cooling Regulator
 Super Cooling Tubing
 Super Cooling Coolant
 Super Cooling Pump

Source: Shadowmoon Valley, Talador, & Nagrand

 Cyclical Power Converter
 Cyclical Power Housing
 Cyclical Power Framing
 Cyclical Power Sequencer

Source: Frostfire Ridge, Gorgrond, & Spires of Arak

 Arcane Crystal Casing
 Arcane Crystal Conduit
 Arcane Crystal Amplifier
 Arcane Crystal Focusing Lens

Source: Highmaul/Invasions

For more details, see Building Your Ancient Trading Mechanism @ WoWHead.


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