Resto Calcs

I’m working on the beginnings of some resto Druid calculations in the form of a spreadsheet and narrative. My goal is to understand the theory that goes into each cast, so that I can plan out the flow of each fight more effectively.

This will not be a simcrafting project as I don’t plan to flesh out whole fights in spreadsheets. That said, I do plan to focus on a few key scenarios such as raid healing and talent effects (e.g. Soul of the Forest vs. Incarnation). In the next few posts I’ll be putting some definitions together that will be critical in explaining resto calculations.

The things that will certainly need to be covered are…

Spell power
Critical hit

I’d like to compare the following for each ability or attribute…

Mana cost
Heal per mana
Heal per mana per tick (HoTs only)
Break points*

* With 6.0 there are now partial ticks so there are no hard break points.

There will need to be a comparison for each ability to see how each point of mastery vs each point of haste affects overall healing. There may be certain cases in which a point of haste is more effective than one of mastery considering GCD and partial ticks (raid healing).

More on this to come later.


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