Base Mana Use

~31 minutes to get into; lame.  It’s turning out to be a bit more challenging than I expected to formulate the healing output.  I think I’m missing some of the passive effects that are not in the spell book. In the mean time, it was very simple to tabulate the mana cost of each ability.

Base Mana

At level 100, you have a base mana pool of 32,000, but as most will note, the mana pool cap at that level is 160,000.  This comes from the passive effect called Natural Insight, gained at level 10, which increases your mana pool by 400%.  Shamans and paladins have a similar mechanism.


Spell Base Mana (%) Mana Cost (@100) Modifier Mana Cost (@100)
Rejuvenation 9.45 3024
Regrowth 18.63 5962
Swiftmend 13 4160
Lifebloom 4.5 1440
Healing Touch 13 4160
Wild Growth 37.75 12080
Tranquility 18.4 5888
Wild Mushroom 21.6 6912

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